Indian Commodity Market

India commodity market consists of both the retail and the wholesale market in the country. The commodity market in India facilitates multi commodity exchange within and outside the country based on requirements. Commodity trading is one facility that investors can explore for investing their money. The India Commodity market has undergone lots of changes due to the changing global economic scenario; thus throwing up many opportunities in the process. Demand for commodities both in the domestic and global market is estimated to grow by four times than the demand currently is by the next five years.

Commodity Trading:-

Commodity trading is an interesting option for those who wish to diversify from the traditional options like shares, bonds and portfolios. The Government has made almost all commodities entitled for futures trading. Three multi commodity exchanges have been set up in the country to facilitate this for the retail investors. The three national exchanges in India are.

Wholesale Market :-

The wholesale market in India, an important component of the India commodity market, traditionally dealt with framers and manufacturers of goods. However, in the present scenario, their roles have changed to a large extent due to the enormous growth that the economy has witnessed. The lengthy process of wholesalers buying from manufacturers; then selling it to retailers who in turn sold it to consumers does not seem feasible today. An improvement in the transport facility has made the interaction between the retailer and manufacturer easier; the need for a wholesale market is gradually diminishing.

Retail Market :-

The retail market in India is currently witnessing a boom. The growth in the India commodity market is largely attributed to this boom in the retail market. Policy reforms and liberal government policies have ensured that this sector is growing at a good pace. Some of the reasons attributed to the growth of retail sector in India include the large population of the country who has an increased purchasing power in their hand. Another factor is the heavy inflow of foreign direct investment in this sector. More than 80% of the retail industry in the country is concentrated in large cities.